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Next meeting is October 15, and the Demo Artist for October will be James Gilbreath demonstrating Acrylic. The Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Richardson Public Library basement meeting room.

Born and Raised in Texas, James’ love of art began in elementary school. And every art class he had in the duration of elementary school, then jr. high and high school, he excelled and won ribbons. At the age of 15, James was introduced to oil painting and his love of art grew to a whole new level. He continued to enter art shows and win ribbons, including the State Fair of Texas several years running.

After several decades of painting realism, James began to think that was an awful lot of time and effort to end up with something that could have been achieved in seconds with a camera. With the help of very talented art teachers, he switched over to acrylics and began to loosen up and use bright colors. 

Now James uses his imagination more than his eyes to create his view of the Texas Hill Country that he loves so much. He is having more fun painting than he ever thought possible. If he’s not painting, he's thinking about painting.

James’ work adorns walls from Houston to San Antonio to Fredericksburg, Texas and, of course, all around the DFW area where he lives. He hopes to one day move to the Texas hills, but until then he will continue to paint them in his own unique style.

To see more of James' work visit his site at:


October 15, 2019
James Gilbreath
November 19, 2019
Ted Clemens
December 17, 2019
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Christmas Party
January 21, 2020
Tom Hands
Chasing Shapes Drawing & Painting
February 18, 2020
Cecy Turner
March 17, 2020
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April 21, 2020
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Fused Glass
May 19, 2020
Moina Sajjad
Abstract Acrylic & Resin


RCAS has several workshops scheduled every year by accomplished artists - both local and national.

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SHOW 2019

Features works from high school age students living in the Richardson ISD area.

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2019 53rd RCAS Regional Show
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RCAS 53rd Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition and Sale
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We have several shows each season, including a show for local high school students and a well-regarded regional show for all Texas artists.

Show dates for the current season are listed on the Shows page.

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Highlights of September Meeting, 2019

Mickey Archer opened the meeting with an announcement that Debbie Langham had resigned as president of RCAS and that the nominating committee had asked Linda Clary to accept the nomination for the position.  He asked for a formal nomination from the membership.  Cheryl Mabry nominated Linda Clary and it was seconded by Michelle Pomella.  Linda Clary was voted into office as RCAS President for 2019-2020.  Outstanding board vacancies announced at the meeting were Publicity chair, Co-chair for Spring Show, Co-chair for Young People's Show, and Chair for Summer Show.  New member, Debbie White, volunteered to fill the Publicity chair position. New members recognized at the meeting were Marcus Bellah, Debbie White and Michael Morawe.

Cheryl Mabry announced new Painting of the Month procedure: 1st place winners' artwork will hang at the Wylie Fine Arts Gallery for 6 months in a section reserved for "RCAS Painting of the Month Winners", 2nd and 3rd places will receive gift certificates from Asel Art Supply.

Voting for Painting of the Month took place during the mid-meeting break. Winners were announced at the close of the meeting.

Demo Artist

Sheliah Lonian is a self-taught colored pencil artist and her favorite part of being an artist is meeting new people through art. She is currently the vice president of Dallas' chapter of Colored Pencil Society of America. She has taken classes in colored pencil from Linda Lucas Hardy and enjoys working in colored pencil because it is a versatile and portable medium that isn't messy. She suggested looking at the Patreon website for beginner level colored pencil classes by Lisa Watkins and Ann Kullberg's website.

Sheliah gave us a lot of tips throughout her demonstration on different techniques for working with colored pencil. She holds her pencils farther up away from the point and uses a loose grip while working. She sometimes incorporates watercolor pencils or pastels into the base layers of her pieces, but is careful not to use any medium that could affect the lightfastness of the colored pencil. She uses Krylon workable fixative to allow more layering in her color pencil work and finishes her pieces with Lascaux finishing fixative spray. She also shared some of her favorite materials and tools to work with, including Faber Castell colored pencils, Tombow erasers, and the Swordfish Curve manual pencil sharpener. She likes to buy colored pencils in full sets in brands that also sell individually so she can replenish colors as needed. She works with a variety of papers and panels in her work including watercolor paper, pastel paper, cold-press, sandpaper, and panels prepped with Golden Acrylic Gesso.

Sheliah demonstrated her approach to colored pencil art with a still life of peaches. She starts her projects by taking her own reference photos and printing them out to scale, printing a black and white photo for value and a color photo for reference. She then traces her outlines onto Mylar paper with a permanent pen and then a graphite transfer paper to trace over again and get her sketch onto the surface for her final piece. She also adds extra guides on the Mylar paper for shadows, etc. that she doesn't want to sketch onto her paper. She also creates a separate color study before beginning a project to plan out what colors and layering techniques will work best to achieve the desired result. For the demonstration, she used Canson 96lb. Bristol paper. Sheliah showed us different layering techniques to work with colored pencil including cross-hatching, diagonal lines, and small loops to build up areas of color. When blending colors in a piece, she starts on the edge of the shape and works in towards the color she's blending with, alternating between colors and using very light pressure where the colors meet to create a smooth transition. She stressed the importance of always keeping your pencils very sharp and rotating them while working to keep an even point so that the color can reach the "valleys" of the paper and distribute evenly. When working on her art, Sheliah likes to use a tilted table so she can have her work at eye level and she gets up periodically to move around while working, as colored pencil can be a very slow process.